Glamping, Olympia, Washington

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best owl i have seen

"hello friend! it is the morning!"

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Eeeeee! The baby pufferfish is just like “hai C:”

yeah it’s like “hai put me back in the fucking water”

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The Years at the Spring

Harry Clarke


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Burlington Dog Works grooming spa is offering services to the amazingly selfless and courageous canines who are actively participating in the relief efforts of the Oso Mudslide in Washington. 

Ryker (above) is a search-and-rescue dog who, along with his owner David, has been searching for survivors amidst the desolation. Ryker was tired and sore from working, so he particularly enjoyed his relaxing salt bath! For more, watch this video. 

Dog Bless David, Ryker, Becca Chestnut, and everyone involved with the relief efforts in Washington.  

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you look wonderous today

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How To Make High Grade Natural Beeswax Leather Polish and Conditioner

Years ago, when I started working with leather I would often use the commercially available polishes on the store shelves, or the proprietary blends found at the leather craft stores. They ended up being pretty costly, but more so, they didn’t last very long and contained chemicals that seemed counter intuitive to traditional craft. So I set out to create my own.


Millions Of Cats won a Newbery Honor award in 1929 and is the oldest American picture book still in print.

Hello! I'm completely new to bookbinding and was wondering if you might know of any literature or websites that would give me some advice on where to start?



Hi! I’ve been planning to collect some useful information for beginners for some time. Unfortunately I’ve been very busy lately, and will be in the upcoming week, but after that I will definitely come back to this question and do my best to answer it, I hope that’s not late for you. See you then. :)

Hello again and thanks for your patience!

As I mentioned before, I wanted to make a post for beginners for some time now, but I not only didn’t (don’t) have much time for it, but I also didn’t know where to start. See, there are a lot of paths to get into bookbinding, and you really have to find your own, that best suits you. But don’t worry, I’m not gonna leave you with just this zen thought. ;)

The only thing I certainly know is how I got into bookbinding. Real easy. I’ve searched for some tutorials on YouTube. There are some very good ones regarding of making a sketchbook or a journal (which you should begin with before you get on to a more professional level).

This one by Transient Art is the first one that thought me the basic binding of a hardcover journal. It’s very easy, I wholeheartedly recommend it for beginners. 

And of course, there’s the lovely Sea Lemon, whose videos I often feature on this blog. She has all kinds of bookbinding tutorials, clean and easy to follow, with various binding methods. She’s one of my favorites for sure, and it’s perfect for beginners. 

As one of my followers mentioned, you can always check Instructables with the keyword ‘bookbinding’. You’ll find some great tutorials. And you can do the same on Pinterest (I linked in the collection of Blue Roof Designs). I’m not gonna give further examples this time, cause there are really so many of them, but you can easily browse through them and pick out the ones you’re interested in. 

So basically, if you’re just home and you want a new hobby which would be bookbinding, your best tool is the Internet. Search away. I myself post tutorials on this blog from time to time, so check back sometimes, or just take the wheel and find some good ones on your own.

Now, if you want to take a bookbinding class for example, just Google search ‘bookbinding class’ and your area. Unfortunately some places have less opportunities than others, but hey, maybe you are in a luckier position than me for example. But for some more professional insight you can still check out BookbindersChronicle's channel and see how it’s done.

For literature I recommend 500 Handmade Books, Making Handmade Books and some other similar guides (just check the related on Amazon). Depending on your native language you can search for some other books, too. 

I know this is not much, but I hope it helps. I would really recommend to use the Internet (wisely), if you don’t have a teacher. Good luck, and welcome to the wonderful world of bookbinding!



The Moon in June: A lunar cycle accordion book. Designed and bound by Alisa Wittkop of Yes Design Shop.


Constellation Notebooks by Sara McNally (constellationco on Etsy).